About the Author

A penniless university student trying to get her degree. Swamped in course work and web-comicking on the side. I would really appreciate any constructive criticsm or comments anyone would care to make. Flames with no reasoning shall merely be eaten and ignored.
I like to read, sleep, listen to music, watch anime, write and of course, draw my comics. Favourite genre of mangas are of course - shoujo. (Much to the horror of some of my friends)
I also enjoy a nice game of DotA and playing real-time strategy games. (Eg: Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires 3)

About the Comic

Tensei is set in contemporary time and is a shoujo-styled manga, incorporating elements that I enjoy. Manga influences on Tensei include Ayashi no Ceres & Yurara no Tsuki and probably some others I can't recall. I have no knowledge on Japanese culture and religion so anything you read here is PURELY fictional with perhaps only a few refrences to Shinto deities. I probably started this story few years back in my head and it's been put to paper a few times but never past the first chapter.